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Collaboration with Less Trash AS

Feb 1, 2023

Fossagrim has secured a collaboration with Less Trash AS, which buys, sells, and distributes environmentally friendly technology and products in addition to giving courses and training on how to take more sustainable choices.

Less Trash was established to give consumers and companies easier access to products that are sustainable and better for the environment, and your wallet. They encourage their customers to reduce their consumption and focuses on reusable products and preferably products that reduce the use of resources where possible, e.g., products made from recycled materials.


Fossagrim and Less Trash teamed up for Oslo Design Week to spread the word on how companies can take responsibility and contribute to a more sustainable future. Less Trash will dedicate 5 NOK per product sold from their product line "Stojo" and donate it to a local Fossagrim Project Forest. Their contribution will help preserve Norwegian boreal forest, directly and immediately benefiting climate and biodiversity.


“It is very inspiring to work with people who are as dedicated as the team in Less Trash", says Monica Lyngmo, Sales & Marketing Manager. “We look forward to further cooperation and the opportunities it may lead to”.


If you want to read more about Less Trash, visit their website/online store:



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