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Fossagrim secures project forests

Jun 6, 2023

Today we celebrate the signing of our first project forests!

"We are extremely proud to announce these projects - this marks another milestone for Fossagrim,” says Håvard Åsli, General Manager, and adds “These beautiful forests are now preserved for at least 30 years!”


Our first two forest projects are located in Nord-Odal, cover a total area of 1340 daa and will sequester considerable amounts of CO2 in the project lifetime. The productive stands include commercially harvest-ready spruce and pine which would, in the absence of the projects, be harvested as early as this coming winter.


The preserved forests comprise two coherent forest-land areas that include non-commercial stands, mires and lakes; with trees of various species, size and age, and also include some valuable dead trees. The area is habitat for large game wildlife as well as multiple species of birds of prey. Biofokus has inspected both forests and confirmed the projects’ positive effect on biodiversity.

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