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Fossagrim signs milestone LOI with first Client

Aug 29, 2022

Today we celebrate signing a letter of intent with Black Cat Kaffe og Tehus AS

We are exited to announce that Black Cat intends to purchase Fossagrim Carbon and Biodiversity Offsets (CBOs) to compensate for their residual climate emissions. Black Cat has an established strategy linked to the UN Sustainability Targets that includes environmental, social and economical aspects.

“We work continuously to reduce our carbon footprint, and aim to be climate neutral by 2050”, says Black Cat CEO, Lars Røst Christoffersen. “Fossagrim’s approach is tangible and immediately effective, and we are excited that we can contribute to protecting local forest for the benefit of both climate and nature”.

“The Photosynthesis is our most readily available, effective, and proven Carbon Capture and Storage technology,” says Håvard Åsli, Fossagrim CEO, “and it only makes sense to utilize this solution to its fullest potential. Protecting more of the existing boreal forests is of urgent importance. Forests will, if permitted to grow, make a huge impact on atmospheric CO2 and on top of that, prevent further loss of biodiversity, which may soon prove to pose an even more severe crisis”.

Fossagrim and Black Cat jointly emphasize the importance for all businesses to implement a sustainability strategy and reduce their operational emissions before offsetting their residual emissions in the voluntary carbon markets.

About Black Cat:

Black Cat Kaffe og Tehus is a traditional, family-owned company with over 110 years of experience in coffee and tea.

About Fossagrim:

Fossagrim offers high-quality carbon and biodiversity offsets, farmed by protecting boreal forests.

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