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Kvistaul Project Forest

The Kvistaul forest project is in Åmotsdal in Seljord, Norway, at an altitude of 600-700m. The spruce dominated forest is lush, appear old and natural, with grand spruce trees over 140 years and an understory with high herbs and ferns and with some intermixing of decidious trees such as the Norway maple, a species with wood of high musical quality and probaly the maple used by the Italian violin makers Stradivari and Guarneri! – a sure sign this forests qualify for “playing in harmony with nature”. Coincidentally,  1830’s fiddle virtuoso “Myllarguten” (Torgeir Augundsson) lived nearby and did, according to legend, learn to play the hardingfiddle by the Fossagrim in the 1820’s – probaly in the river gorge bordering the forest.

Fossagrim and the landowner have agreed and committed to terms for an exclusive contractual agreement, which will secure continued and undisturbed forest growth and natural CCS for a minimum of 30 years. Kvistaul will serve as a Fossagrim “Habitat Forest”, and we are proud to present this opportunity as the third Fossagrim CBO project.

Power in Numbers



Project Size

951 Daa

Estimated total project climate benefit

3807t CO2e

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