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Steinsjøen Project Forest

Steinsjøen is a large spruce and pine forest located in Nord-Odal in Norway

Steinsjøen is a beautiful forest located in Nord-odal right outside of Eidsvoll in Norway.

Agriculture and forestry have dominated the municipality's business life over the years. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Nord-Odal was a mining municipality, it had mines for both copper pyrite and iron ore, and you can still find remains of this in the area. 

The project got its name "Steinsjøen" from a small lake located in the forest. The forest spreads out in a continuous area that is 836 daa large and includes multiple swamps with a high carbon stock and consists of both young and old trees, as well as downfall and dead trees, some still standing and some fallen, ensuring valuable territory for small scale animal life. The area is also habitat for large game wildlife as well as multiple species of birds of prey.  

Steinsjøen is classified as “Hogstklasse 5”, meaning it is planned for imminent harvesting unless the forest can be transferred to Carbon and Biodiversity farming.

Fossagrim and the landowner have agreed and committed to terms for an exclusive contractual agreement, which will secure continued and undisturbed forest growth and natural CCS through CO2 sequestration for a minimum of 30 years. Steinsjøen will serve as a Fossagrim “Habitat Forest”, and we are proud to present this opportunity as our second Fossagrim CBO project.

Power in Numbers



Project Size

836 Daa

Estimated total project climate benefit

2478t CO2e

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